An accomplished team |

An accomplished team

As there has been a great deal of campaign rhetoric lavished upon the upcoming Aspen Valley Hospital Board of Directors election, I feel that it is appropriate to put the issues in perspective.

As Aspen’s surgeon, I have spent more hours at the hospital over the last nine years than almost anyone else. Having been in all departments at all hours, I have had the unique opportunity to observe AVH as an integrated system and its integration into the count and state systems. (The welcome addition of Dr. Scannell to my practice has diminished my presence somewhat.)

What I can tell you is that there has been quantum improvement in all aspects of the AVH system. This hospital has gone from the panic-driven layoffs/benefit reductions of a financially unstable hospital in 1994 to the robust, solvent institution of 2002 that has continued to expand its medical offerings, appropriately develop and expand its medical staff, and initiate several programs to retain, inspire and improve our world-class nursing and technical staff.

The physical plant remodels and technical equipment upgrades are only the stuff of dreams at other institutions many times our size. The addition of the Mid Valley Medical Center to the AVH system has improved patient access to health care and increased the patient’s surgical options.

I find a great group of employees at AVH that take pride in doing the best possible job that they can. They are not content with status quo and they strive to reach for the next level. I treat out-of-town patients that marvel at what has been created here. This just scratches the surface.

I am in awe! What has been accomplished has been due to the combined efforts of Randy Middlebrook and the board of directors. Change, for the sake of change, makes sense in some contexts but not this one.

Please retain this effective team! Please cast votes for Meg Haynes, Tom Griffiths and Chuck Torinus.

William Rodman, M.D.


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