An accident waiting to happen |

An accident waiting to happen

Dear Editor:

I am sure that I am not the only one startled to read the recent letter from the aggressive driving, pregnant mother of a 4-year-old child. She complained about someone who was driving more aggressively than she was. Imagine that, on Highway 82, where the jersey walls in Snowmass Canyon have more scrapes on them than the walls at Talladega. This attitude is the culture that has been allowed to evolve here in the Roaring Fork Valley, and it is frightening to me.

Highway 82 is 85.29 miles and crosses four counties. After 25 years of driving/riding from one end to the other, I believe that Pitkin County has one of most dangerous sections of this major corridor. I believe it compares to sections on both sides of Independence Pass, not so much because of the hairpin turns, but because of the speed at which people drive and the aggressiveness of their actions. Ms. Henrichon’s anger is clearly written in her letter. I get the feeling that if she wasn’t pregnant and hadn’t had a 4-year-old in the back seat, she would have appeased the other stupid driver who started this whole thing. This is not too good for the rest of us, who must drive in the defense mode all the time.

Sixty-five mph seems to be the average speed of the cars on Highway 82 in Pitkin County, when I am on it. I recently rode on a RFTA bus that was going over 70 mph. I can’t believe this driver thought it was OK to drive that fast with a busload of people on a crowded highway. I’ve experienced many wild rides in both directions and different times of day. I also have ridden on buses with very conscientious drivers and I am sure to thank them when I get off.

At the recent election forum, sheriff candidates were asked about what type of crime they thought was the biggest issue for them. I believe candidate DiSalvo stated that domestic violence was his biggest issue. I totally agree with him. Candidate Leonard stated that his was the crime that hadn’t been committed yet. I totally agree with him as well.

In my mind, this crime will be the one that happens on Highway 82, when a hot-rodding guy in a beige Ford truck collides with a speeding express RFTA bus that fishtails and wipes out a pregnant woman with a 4-year-old in the back seat. I hope that the safety on Highway 82 is considered in every forum and discussion, not only in the Pitkin County sheriff’s race, but the county commissioners as well. It is really time to get a grip on this situation. We can be responsible and cool at the same time.

Kim Vieira


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