An ‘A’ in plowing |

An ‘A’ in plowing

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County Road and Bridge was in Lenado doing road repair and dust control on the Woody Creek Road, which reminded me of how remiss I have been in thanking that county crew for the great job done on the road this past winter.

What with the economy and local budget cuts, I wasn’t certain we would even see a snowplow during the past winter. Amazingly enough, the county may have done the best job of clearing the road of snow that has been done in a long, long time. Under the best of conditions, ours is a nasty road, so the county’s efforts were greatly appreciated, particularly as we experienced a fairly hard winter.

I apologize for being so late with this, but that does not reduce the sincerity of my “thank you.”

Gaylord T. Guenin

Woody Creek

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