America’s ‘political country club’ |

America’s ‘political country club’

Dear Editor:

Congress continues to make lame attempts at fixing tax loopholes that corporations have used for years. Billions of dollars of tax revenue are lost yearly.

Actually, according to expert sources, corporations and the wealthy 1 percent owe our government $2.3 trillion in unpaid taxes. The federal government and Congress like laundering your tax dollars! They spend your money and don’t tell you where it went!

Consider that the Federal Reserve has lost $9 trillion during the past few years. The inspector general has no idea where it went! Congress is a political country club that refuses to do the nation’s business. It is easier for Congress to spend taxpayer money because it is easier to get.

The biggest tax loophole is our federal government. Federal government agencies waste billions of tax dollars each year, yet they still want the easy money from American citizens. Maybe we should stop giving it to them!

Congress and President Obama need to fix the federal government tax loophole first before they ask the American public for anymore tax revenue. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are just as responsible for the fat in federal budgets as President Obama. Drastic cuts to federal agency budgets is not austerity – it is common sense.

Remember, Congress costs taxpayers millions of dollars just to operate on a daily basis. Yet they are not doing the job that they were hired or voted to do. If Congress and the federal government are not doing their jobs, why are we still paying them?

The conundrum is that the wealthy 1 percent and the corporations are paying them not to do their jobs. These are the special-interest groups that are paying Congress to let the $2.3 trillion slide. The state of the union is great for the wealthy 1 percent and corporate America.

The state of the union for average Americans living on Main Street America sucks!

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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