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“American’s Hottest Magician” makes his debut in Aspen at the Wheeler

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Illusionist Jason Bishop performs a levitation.
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“America’s hottest magician” Jason Bishop literally brings the tricks up his sleeve for his critically acclaimed magic show at the Wheeler Opera House on Sunday.

But don’t expect to find any top hats, tails or rabbits appear from hats at Bishop’s magic show.

“Our show is very modern. We use iPhones, plasma screens and contemporary jokes and music we think people will like,” Bishop said, adding that the show’s contemporary approach is what sets it apart from other magic shows.

“There is a lot of cheesiness to magic, with old music and just the whole mentality, but that’s something this show doesn’t have,” he said. “The fact that this is a magic show for today is kind of distinct.”

“I’ve had the privilege to see Jason’s show a few times, and he still always amazes me.” — Wheeler Opera House Executive Director Gena Buhler

What’s also distinct about Bishop’s shows are his tricks, as he is the only illusionist in the country who consistently performs three rare acts — a double levitation, plasma illusion and op-art — during his shows.

Many magicians perform single levitations, in which one person is levitated to float above the ground, Bishop said. In a double levitation, Bishop also levitates himself to join the original person who was levitated, usually his assistant, and the two float together in the air simultaneously.

Bishop’s double levitation finale is “a huge crowd-pleaser, and such a great ending to his entire jaw-dropping show,” Wheeler Opera House Executive Director Gena Buhler said. “I’ve had the privilege to see Jason’s show a few times, and he still always amazes me.”

Bishop also incorporates modern costuming, fast-paced illusions and audience participation within his show to deliver a performance that has “a different look and feel to it than other magic shows.”

“He does a little bit of everything, and the show is great for everyone, from ages 5 to 99,” Buhler said.

From Jennifer Aniston and Chris Penn to funnyman Bam Margera — who reportedly dubbed Bishop as “the best magician he’s ever seen” — Bishop has entertained celebrities and wowed audiences throughout the U.S. and in every continent except Antarctica.

Bishop’s performance at the Wheeler on Sunday marks the illusionist’s first time in Aspen.

He says he is excited and “prepared for a little dehydration and out of breath-ness.”


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