America, then and now |

America, then and now

Dear Editor:This letter is in response to the letter written by Mr. McGarry and others who are obviously opposed to the Spanish-speaking community here in the Roaring Fork Valley. I have some counterpoints I would like to address about the Latino community that many valley residents have expressed. To make these points I would like it to be known I am a 33-year-old white male who has lived here for six years.1) To all the “We were here first” and “English is the official language” people living in the valley – why don’t you grab a college textbook and do some research about who the first settlers were in the Americas. Native Americans were here long before the “White” settlers came here, befriended them, then forced the Natives against their wills to relocate into “reservations,” which have become nothing more than low-scale concentration camps destroying the Native culture. Don’t give me this “This is America, speak English” BS because it’s not valid!2) Nowhere in the 5th Amendment about freedom of speech is the phrase “English language.” This is an adaptation intolerant Americans have latched onto for their own personal gains.3) Yes, there are some illegals here in the valley who are taking the money and sending it back to their homeland. But most of them are working for “white” business owners who hire them “under the table” so they can cheat the government on taxes. Both are criminals, don’t just blame the Latinos! In fact many of the Latinos here are legit, and only ignorant-minded individuals like Mr. McGarry assume that “gazillions of them are here committing misdemeanors and felons for their own personal gains.”4) One job listing in the Times today called for a bilingual position, one of 100s!5) Latinos have not ruined the educational system in the valley You, the home-owning taxpayers, have. Because you continually fight property taxes your children’s schools don’t receive the money they need to keep pace with the rest of the country, and Colorado slips through the rankings educationally! Wake up, people, money for schooling comes from taxes, so no taxes equals no quality education! Don’t blame the Latinos!To those like McGarry and the other close-minded individuals, please do us open-minded people a favor. There’s a group of individuals based out of Coeur ‘De Alene, Idaho, out there looking for people just like you; you can find them at their meetings where they all wear white pointy hats. Spare us your racist BS and leave this area so the open-minded, kind-hearted residents can try and be a part of the solution instead of aggravating the problems!Matthew StarbuckCarbondale

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