Amendment is totally unfair |

Amendment is totally unfair

This amendment is completely unfair to all foreign students. Some facts about this amendment are … you have one full year to learn English. To comment on that, no one could understand a completely new language in a year and be expected to understand it fluently enough to go into regular English-speaking classes. I mean, it took me 16 years to understand what I know today.

Another fact about Amendment 31 is that once a foreign student finishes his/her year they get transferred into regular English-speaking classes, and if the student doesn’t understand, the educators are not allowed to explain or communicate in the foreign language to the student. If the teacher does so, he/she will, or can, get their teaching license revoked.

To expand my opinion on how ridiculous this amendment is, an educator’s job is to help and make their students understand and learn what they are teaching. How on earth can anyone learn anything if they don’t understand what is coming out of the teacher’s mouth?

So how can a teacher do their job? And the fact that if they try to communicate in the foreign language to help the student out they can be sued! That’s uncalled for by all means.

On top of that, the teacher will get their license revoked just for teaching. Now that’s completely ironic.

I could go on and on about how Amendment 31 should not be passed. But I guess what I’m trying to make the people see is how unfair this amendment truly is.

And maybe for at least five seconds you could be in a foreign student’s shoes, trying hard to fit into America, and realizing how unequal this country is. Now I don’t want America to have a reputation like that.

Vote no an 31.

Amber Nicole Thomas

Basalt High School

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