Amendment 31 won’t work |

Amendment 31 won’t work

Chad Abraham’s article on Amendment 31 (Sept. 27) brought up some points to consider.

In addition, how many people do we know who took a year of foreign language in high school or junior high school? Can any of them actually speak their foreign language? If so, they are above the average.

Amendment 31 deceptively calls itself “immersion,” but in reality it will require all the kids in Colorado who don’t speak English to spend a year speaking just with each other, instead of with their English-speaking classmates.

Amendment 31 sponsors like to portray it as a law that will simply outlaw bilingual education. In reality, it replaces bilingual education and every other possible English teaching program with something worse ? an unchangeable “non-immersion” program.

Haven’t we learned from our junior high language classes that that method doesn’t work?

Kyra Richards

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Boulder, Colo.

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