Amended Carbondale project includes park, other concessions |

Amended Carbondale project includes park, other concessions

John Stroud
Glenwood Springs correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

CARBONDALE – Developers of the Overlook Neighborhood mixed-use project have responded to trustee concerns about the amount of open space in the plan by eliminating 10 residential units in favor of a 1.2-acre park.

The revised plan drops the number of units in the proposal to 145 on the nearly 13-acre former Carbondale Mine Services industrial site north of downtown Carbon­dale.

It also clarifies what might be developed instead if a proposed 50-room hotel that is part of the initial plan is not built, and out­lines a number of preferences related to affordable housing and traffic and pedestri­an connections.

The revisions are in response to a list of concerns outlined by the Carbondale Board of Trustees when it last met to review the proposal June 16. Trustees will reopen the Overlook public hearing at Tuesday’s regular town board meeting, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 511 Colorado Ave.

According to the new development plan, the additional park space brings the amount of usable park space to more than 20 percent.

The project proposal had included a series of green spaces and pocket parks scattered throughout the neighborhood in its initial plan. Trustees expressed concern that there wasn’t a central park included, and asked that the proponents return with a revised plan to address that and other concerns.

As for the proposed hotel, ” The applicant supports the hotel use and will continue to work toward making the development of a hotel a reality. However, a hotel use cannot be guaranteed,” according to the revised plan.

The hotel block will remain designated as such until the last phase of development, according to the revised plan. It a hotel is not built, developers are asking that it be converted to accommodate either 25 addi­tional multi-family units as a special use subject to review, or possibly 25 units of “senior housing” as a permitted use without extensive review.

To address off-site traffic concerns, devel­opers have offered to try to purchase a piece of property west of Eighth Street that will be key to connecting Industry Place from Eighth to Highway 133.

The public hearing is likely to be contin­ued yet again to another meeting in August. Tuesday’s meeting will be broadcast live on Carbondale Cable Channel 12.

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