Ambassador program full of opportunities |

Ambassador program full of opportunities

Dear Editor:My husband and I are in our 10th year as ambassadors for Skico.We think it is a PRIVILEGE to be part of the Ambassador Program, as do many of our ambassador friends. By nature of the title “ambassador,” we are representatives of the Skiing Co. By nature of the word “volunteer,” we, of our own freewill, volunteer to represent Skico in whatever duties, jobs, assignments and positions that are presented to us.Being an ambassador gives us an opportunity to give back to the mountain and community and share the beauty and mountain stories with the guests from all over the United States and other parts of the world. Just imagine being able to be part of a family’s vacation time and an opportunity to make their time here the best it can be. Just imagine being able to add pleasure and blessings to others while they are here. What a privilege that is.Ambassador day is about giving yourself and time to making someone else’s life better. Those of you who subscribe to that way of living know that you always get more than you give.We have the opportunity to meet and interact with the other mountain workers from all over the world. It is so much fun to make friends with such a variety of talented people. We also have the opportunity to meet with the top leaders and VIP’s of the mountains, and I will honestly tell you that we are not asked to do anything that these people would not do themselves. Changes come upon the Ambassador Program at various times and people within the program come and go. Ambassadors must keep in mind that the ambassador day is a day of giving and not a personal ski day. We also have opportunities to join in helping out in the other events in our community such as World Cup, X Games and others.Our favorite assignment is taking people on a tour of the mountain. This gives us more time with guests and is quite likely to have a far reaching influence. We have made many friends that get together with us on their return visits. Other assignments have again created an opportunity to be of assistance to our guests and fellow workers.We are disturbed that some ambassadors have felt it necessary to air their problems through the news media thereby creating a false impression of the Ambassador Program. However, that does give us an opportunity to clarify just what the Ambassador Program is.In closing we thank you for your time and attention to our views and invite you to visit us at Snowmass.Jack and Sue DriggersCarbondale


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