Am I being served? |

Am I being served?

Dear Editor:I think the Democratic governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, had the perfect answers to President Bush’s State of the Union address: service with results.Am I being served? Am I receiving results? I think I can fairly speak for the majority of Americans when I answer with a resounding “No!”Bush’s programs and policies are designed to make him and his cronies more rich and powerful, and to impose their own particular brand of morality on us. His speech from dealing with the war in Iraq – which now is apparently about bringing democracy to a nation which from all indications doesn’t really want it, and is driving up the deficit, is rife with corruption, and is killing and maiming literally thousands of men, women and children – to his self-serving platitudes about how “America is addicted to oil,” and how he proposes to have the U.S. 75 percent oil independent by 2025 (why not today? It is possible, literally overnight), would have been laughable if the issues weren’t so tragic and his administration’s failure to deliver on promises so glaringly evident.The war in Iraq bringing democracy is probably a pipe dream. The current taxation and regulations concerning using existing alternatives to petroleum and fossil-based products as fuel simply do not bear out an honest commitment to that end. The president’s empty promise of “no child left behind” is laid bare by his administration’s failure to adequately fund the program, resulting in chaos in school districts across our nation.I could go on and on from Social Security issues to lobby reform, too, and don’t get me started on his failure to recognize the facts about global warming. The fact is, the rubber just ain’t meeting the road here, folks. As Gov. Kaine said [Tuesday] night, “There’s a better way.” Remember that when you go to the polls in November.Bob KeenanCarbondale