Aloha, Tanner |

Aloha, Tanner

May Selby
Mountain Mayhem
1. Sydney Prikryl and Tanner Kirsch at Ajax Tavern for his send-off party.

In a place as transient as Aspen, welcoming newcomers to town and sending others on their way can be a perpetual process. A bittersweet departure of late was that of Tanner Kirsch who moved to New York City on Wednesday.

The night before his departure, Tanner was honored at a Hawaiian-themed gathering on the patio at Ajax Tavern. Friends, colleagues and comrades of his exchanged stories from the past, toasted to his next chapter and sported trucker hats with “#Mahalo” printed on the lid, borrowing the hashtag from Tanner’s daily vocabulary and lingo from his favorite chain of islands.

While a job in the financial world, a flat in Nolita and a promising future await him in Manhattan, scores of friends in Aspen will certainly miss him.

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