Aloha, and good luck |

Aloha, and good luck

S-curves, straight shot, figure 8’s, etc., etc., etc.! Oh how glad I am to be only visiting this dear, beloved town, by chance, during off-season, and not having much of the dreaded “entrance traffic” that is being debated about in every paper I’ve read here.

On a lighter note, Aspenites, I remember the good ol’ days here back in 1984ish when I was the property manager for the infamous Butch Clark. I recall my main concern then was how terrible and run-down the Agate Lodge sign had become (fondly remembered by other nicknames I will not mention!).

I thought it was such an eyesore as the first thing you saw as you entered Aspen. My own private fix-all was purchasing a can of wedgewood paint and just finally repainting the sign one freezing cold day on a tall ladder from Butch’s basement.

So simplistic was the entrance solution, I thought to myself way back when.

Good luck with your problems Aspen. I hope they can be resolved peacefully. On Maui our huge traffic jams on our outdated two-lane highway are caused by either the birth of a baby humpback whale or, sadly, a tragic car accident. It’s never easy livin’ in either paradise, is it? It’s always something.

I have enjoyed my brief visit here; fun as always. My aloha to you all.

Betsy May


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