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All’s not fares

Dear Editor:

There is a problem: We have to stop this guy from giving free rides to friends and occasionally people who need a little help. He is almost always available in five-minutes notice. The ride is pleasant, upbeat and positive. There is no meter or rate sheet and he never asks for money. Sounds good … but there is a problem – “gratuities.”

The people receiving the ride are not supposed to show any appreciation, maybe a smile, a thank you, but no “gratuities?” No water or cherry pie. No invites to dinner or special events and definitely nothing you can take to the bank. The state of Colorado threatens to throw me in jail if I receive gratuities.

The PUC/state of Colorado will protect you and keep you safe. If I join the club and get this little PUC sticker for $300,000 you will be safer and if I get a meter, a rate card and charge a fare, then all passengers will really, really be safe.

Then and only then, the driver can legally receive gratuities.

Trial date: Feb. 22-24.

Philip Sullivan

Woody Creek

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