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Alley example?

Dear Editor:Ruth Kruger of the Aspen real estate company Ruth Kruger and Co. and an Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission member comments in “Public sounds off on smelly alleys, trails and more” (Aspen Daily News, Sept. 22) about the decades of accumulated filth, rotten odors and poor maintenance that perpetuate dangerous health and safety issues and diminish Aspen’s reputation and public image as a world-class city and a world-class destination, should receive top priority immediately.In the winter, the alleys should be cleared of snow and ice, but are not. I guess it adds to the Aspen alpine scene’s rustic look.Or do Aspen’s alleys of bad smells, oozing waste products and safety hazards set new, higher standards for what makes a world-class destination more fashionable and expensive? Should Beverly Hills follow Aspen’s lead?Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Burbank, Calif.

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