Allergies and dog dander don’t mix |

Allergies and dog dander don’t mix

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Georgeann Waggaman’s letter (Nov. 20), and the dogs on buses issue in general.

To set the record straight, I really like dogs. I love to see them out hiking, carrying sticks, doing their thing in the outdoors. But I’m really allergic to about 98 percent of them, in an enclosed environment.

The problem here is that most people without pet allergies just really don’t understand how they work. Dog dander is the problem. Just because the dog is at a completely different end of the bus doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to have an allergic reaction. If the dog was ever in a car, a room, a bus, someone who is allergic will have a problem; it’s the dander left behind, not simply the physical presence of the dog, that is the problem.

RFTA does a great job, and has a lot of hard-working employees trying to do their best for the community; we’ve voted to increase funding for this public service, and allowing dogs on public buses is not at all the right way to use these funds. Sorry.

Love your dog, but don’t want to share a ride with him.

Jamie Lynn Miller


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