Alleged robber turns himself in |

Alleged robber turns himself in

Thomas Colver, who turned himself in to police last week, will face multiple charges in connection with the Aug. 6 armed robbery at the Aspen Alps condominium complex at the base of Aspen Mountain.

According to police, Colver and Anthony Rizzuto, both 19 years old, rushed into the office at the Aspen Alps at around 10:30 p.m. that night, and forced the clerk on duty to hand over all the money in two cash drawers.

One of the cash drawers, according to an affidavit filed in court on Friday, was located in a safe. And according to the clerk, Renee Ryan, “The suspects seemed to know exactly where the safe was located,” stated Colver’s arrest affidavit in the court file.

Ryan told police that two men dressed in black, wearing black knit caps and white scarves over their faces, and armed with at least one handgun, came through the lobby and into the office where she was on duty alone that night. Another employee had left only minutes earlier.

Drawing a gun from a pocket, one of the robbers motioned Ryan to the safe and told her to open it. She was only able to open the top section of the safe, which contained a cash drawer that the robbers emptied. According to the affidavit, when Ryan said she did not have the combination to the main section of the safe, one robber said, “You better tell me now or I’ll shoot your head off.”

She then pointed out another cash drawer, which she had brought in from the lobby desk shortly before, and one of the robbers emptied that drawer as well.

The two then ran out of the office, according to court documents, making off with $1,066.

Police began investigating similarities between the Alps robbery and another robbery on Aug. 5 at Clark’s Market in Aspen, as well as an Aug. 19 robbery at The Village Market in Snowmass Village.

The two grocery store robberies involved men wearing masks and, police believe, had involved former or current employees. After suspects in the store holdups told police that the Alps job was done by Rizzuto and Colver, police discovered that Colver had worked at the Alps at the time of the robbery there.

In interviews with suspects in the other robberies, police also were told that at one point, Rizzuto complained about only getting $1,000, and lamenting that they had missed by five minutes another employee who could have opened the safe.

According to court documents, Rizzuto was quoted by one suspect as saying that Ryan “was crying for her life and stuff like that when he held the gun to her head. They joked about how they should have just shot her with the BB gun.”

Court documents also indicate the BB pistol belonged to William “Wade” Hammond, who recently pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery, a felony, in connection with the robbery at The Village Market.

The weapon used at the Alps, according to court documents, had been in a car said to belong to Yuri Ognacevic, who has pleaded guilty in connection with the Clark’s robbery.

Police now believe that the gun was taken out of the car by Moses Greengrass, a suspect in the two grocery store robberies and a burglary, and given to Colver.

Colver is currently free on $50,000 bond while he awaits trial.

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