Alleged indecent exposure leads to arrest of Aspen man |

Alleged indecent exposure leads to arrest of Aspen man

An Aspen man was arrested Sunday for allegedly exposing himself to a woman in her home.

Jon Song, 32, is charged with indecent exposure. An Aspen woman told police on Saturday that Song responded to an ad she had placed in the newspaper to sell some of her things.

She told police that when he arrived at her house he sat down on her couch, unzipped his pants and began stroking his penis. The woman told police that she yelled at the man to get out while she grabbed her phone and called police.

The woman said the man left her apartment as she dialed the phone, saying, “It’s no problem, you don’t need to do anything.”

The victim described the suspect as a “stocky Asian male.” He allegedly said he lived in the neighborhood.

The woman also said the man had called her three times before he came over to her house and that he was vague about what he was looking to buy based on the classified ad.

Police, who knew where the suspect lived based on a previous contact an officer had had with Song, went to his Park Place apartment. When Song did not answer his door, police put together a photo lineup for the victim, using Song’s driver’s license photo.

According to a police report, the victim identified Song twice as the man who had been in her home.

Police returned to Song’s apartment Sunday afternoon and found the suspect there. According to the police report, officers informed Song that he was being charged with indecent exposure and took him to the Pitkin County Jail. En route to jail, Song allegedly said the woman had “over-reacted.”

At the jail Song allegedly said he had seen an ad for plants and other items for sale, and had called the woman about them. He said that on Saturday he went over to her apartment, “still pretty drunk from the night before,” sat down on her couch and noticed his zipper was down and his “privates were out,” the police report says.

Song allegedly told police the woman saw him trying to pull his zipper up and said, “I can’t believe you were exposing yourself” and yelled at him to get out.

“She was over the top,” Song allegedly said. “So I left.”

A police officer reported that he had had previous contact with Song on May 5, when a woman reported that her purse and wallet were stolen from The Cantina. The woman allegedly told the officer that Song had followed her around in the restaurant and would not leave her alone.

She told police that Song later called her and said he had found her wallet, and that he would give it back to her if she came over to his apartment to get it. According to a police report, the officer went to Song’s apartment to get the wallet, and he denied stealing it.

Song was summonsed for indecent exposure and given a court date of June 29.

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