Alleged Aspen burrito thief cusses out Pitkin County judge

Staff report

A local transient awaiting punishment for allegedly stealing a burrito from Roxy’s Market was held in contempt of court Monday for cussing out and insulting a District Court judge.

Edgar Perea-Ortega broke into the virtual Pitkin County District Court proceedings Monday, repeatedly using the f-word and telling District Judge Chris Seldin he’d been waiting on the phone long enough and had to get back to work. He then called the judge a “motherf—er.”

Seldin immediately held Perea-Ortega in contempt and told him to stay on the line and wait his turn, just as he would have to do if the proceedings were held in the courtroom. Pitkin County criminal court has not been held in person since the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

Perea-Ortega instead hung up the phone, and an hour and a half later Seldin issued an arrest warrant for him, ordering that he be held in Pitkin County Jail in lieu of a $2,500 cash-only bond.

Perea-Ortega was arrested Feb. 28 for allegedly breaking into Roxy’s Market at the Aspen Business Center and stealing a burrito, prosecutor Don Nottingham said.


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