Allard and lip service |

Allard and lip service

Wayne Allard is certainly consistent. He doesn’t support mandates out of Washington, but believes in “local control” (Aspen Times, Sept. 3).

I guess that is why he voted both against higher fuel standards for cars and trucks and against standards that would increase production from renewable energy sources such as sun and wind (Denver Post, March 17). Yet, he said, “I’ve been a strong proponent of using wind, solar, the fuel cell, biomass, geothermal energy.”

Yes, he’s for drilling in the Arctic National Refuge to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but not REALLY for increased efficiency and using renewable energy, which would have an even greater effect on our dependence.

Lip service is the only thing efficiency and renewables can expect. His campaign contributors include the energy companies (even Enron) and that probably determines his priorities.

Gerald R. Terwilliger


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