All the people, Tony? |

All the people, Tony?

Rationalizing to the voting public about why he voted to convey the Marolt Open Space to CDOT for a $60 million 1/4 mile highway into Aspen, Councilman Tony Hershey writes that he wants “to remind everyone that he represents ALL the people of Aspen” when he makes his tough decisions.

I am just wondering how Mr. Hershey can say that he represents ALL the people of Aspen when in the 1999 City Council election Mr. Hershey received only 41% of all votes cast and presently there is a petition being circulated by citizens for Mr. Hershey’s reconsideration of his vote to give away the Marolt Open Space.

Clearly Mr. Hershey does not represent ALL the people of Aspen, as he would like for us to believe. According to figures from the City Clerk’s office, a total of 1,816 Aspen voters went to the polls. Mr. Hershey received 751 “yes” votes while 1,065 voters voted for someone else.

Mr. Hershey also writes, “when more than 66 percent of Aspen voters agree on anything he considers it a mandate.” Since only 41% of voters cast their votes for Mr. Hershey, does that mean, according to Mr. Hershey’s formula, that there was not a mandate for him to be elected to office? Statistically, Mr. Hershey did not even receive a “majority” (51%) of votes, much less a “mandate” for office.

And since there appears to be much confusion about what the prior votes actually mean … as evidenced by the recent letters to the Aspen Times and the Aspen Daily News … I would urge Mr. Hershey to take the lead, and, bring forward the language for a question on the November 2002 ballot that clearly decides the issue of the Entrance to Aspen.

Toni Kronberg

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