All talk, no action |

All talk, no action

Dear Editor:”Preserving a mix of economic cultures” (Mick Ireland’s guest opinion, Jan. 27) with its pseudosociological phrases like “Aspen and Pitkin County … the CEO sponsored socialist worker’s paradise,” “some thinking about what kind of economy we want to have,” “a plan to preserve an economic culture that allows low end uses (and low end users) to thrive,” “the state’s second largest transit system,” “an economy focused on short term prosperity” and “The time has come for the community … to start thinking about preserving a retail structure that caters to more than the top 1 percent,” is meaningless gibberish.If Mr. Ireland, who fancies himself a modern-day Chicago Mayor Daley and a modern-day New York City Boss Tweed, had really studied American business history, American labor history, America’s ruling class and elites, American cities and American urban redevelopment policies since the 1920s, he might have long ago come to see the light that people like Pete Luhn, KCNB Moore and Emzy Veazy III shine to guide folks along the road to prosperity and into deeper insight into what is happening with the world around them.Aaaaaah. Mr. Ireland’s aspirations for his utopian “Aspen Soviet Socialist Democratic Republic” to be an independent kingdom under his leadership and surrounded by the United States of America while being financed by the same American, British, German and French capitalist groups which supported the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) has nothing to do with his weird “economic cultures.”I believe Mr. Ireland should more accurately use and operationally define the term “cultural economics” to attempt to try to convey his message through a thoroughly scholastic research paper.In the social sciences we do study “corporate cultures,” but never the miscombined words of “economic culture.”If only the resurrected Boss Tweed – oooops Mr. Ireland – had read “Aspen basic retail issues” (Emzy Veazy III, the Open Forum, Denver Post, Oct. 28), his brain would be etched with my wisdom: “I am sure many with the spirit of capitalism and Yankee ingenuity will agree with me: The Aspen ‘businesses that cater to locals or are considered the types of places that are key for a community’ are not savvy about marketing, strategic planning or public relations because they fail to adapt to dynamic business trends and fail to adopt advanced business practices. Their inability to keep former Aspen locals as customers and create prosperity conditions for those who stay is proven by their whining and business failures.”When Mr. Ireland and his minions are willing to risk all they possess to become business owners and lose their shirts and their skirts, then their dreams will become reality from their own efforts and their own money spent and from not OPM (Other People’s Money). Ireland, put your money where your mouth is.Emzy Veazy IIIAspen