All sizzle and no beef |

All sizzle and no beef

Dear Editor:The Aspen Board of Realtors made a poor political move and a dumb public relations statement that can strain its credibility as a powerhouse and a wealth builder for joining the counterproductive chorus exodus because, “For many, it makes more business sense to buy downvalley than it does to rent upvalley. High commercial prices in the Aspen area market it difficult for many businesses to purchase office space there” (“Board of Realtors priced out of Aspen,” Aspen Times, Sept. 21).And Aspen realtors have led so many to believe Aspen is the hot, fashionable spot for the wealthy to live and elitist businesses to flourish. I guess we all can agree the Aspen Board of Realtors membership cannot afford what they sell and cannot flourish where they sell. All sizzle and no beef. Where’s the catsup (ketchup)?!Emzy Veazy III Esq.Burbank, Calif.

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