All Pat O’Donnell wants for X-mas is a Free Ajax sticker |

All Pat O’Donnell wants for X-mas is a Free Ajax sticker

Matt Kreitman isn’t used to playing Santa Claus, but that’s exactly what he is doing today for the benefit of Aspen Skiing Co. President and CEO Pat O’Donnell.

O’Donnell has unsuccessfully sought a couple of the “Free Ajax” bumper stickers that are being distributed as part of the campaign to end a prohibition on snowboards on Aspen Mountain.

And O’Donnell definitely isn’t going to do what is necessary to “earn” one of the stickers. Anyone who checks out the Web site protesting the snowboard bans at Aspen Mountain, Taos and Alta and vows to support the cause is sent a free sticker of their choice. The options are Free Ajax, Free Taos and Free Alta.

That’s where Kreitman comes into the picture. Kreitman, a writer based in Santa Fe, founded Free the Snow, the organization that is leading the protest of the board bans. He answers requests made to the Web site – – for the free bumper stickers and other correspondence.

In this case, Kreitman said, he would bend the rules and send O’Donnell a couple of stickers even if he hasn’t professed support for the cause.

“Absolutely, [Wednesday] I’ll send them priority to him,” said Kreitman. “I’d be delighted.”

Kreitman said at least 500 of the Free Ajax bumper stickers have been distributed in Aspen. They include the Free the Snow Web address and the logo of Nike’s Inc.’s All Conditions Gear, a sponsor of the effort.

Perhaps it’s not all that ironic that O’Donnell wants one of the stickers for himself. He’s been known to have spent more time riding than skiing the last two seasons.

O’Donnell said he wants the sticker because it’s going to become a collector’s item, not because he supports the cause. He has said the Skico’s ban of boards on Aspen Mountain is a strategic business decision that will continue as long as it makes economic sense.

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