All I know is my feet are happy |

All I know is my feet are happy

Scott Condon
(Jordan Curet/Aspen Times Weekly)

To review my new alpine ski boots I figured I could do some Internet research and try to fake my way through a bunch of technical jargon. Then I realized anybody who really knew about ski boots would sniff me out as a poseur.

So instead I’ll keep it simple. Here’s the essence of my review: I can buckle my World Cup RS80 ski boots from Head tight enough for good performance without feeling like vice grips are locked on various parts of my feet.What more could a skier want?It was sort of a fluke that I even bought these boots. I took my daughter, Hannah, to Stefan Kaelin’s in November for her first pair of ski boots. She can no longer do the kid’s rentals. We capitalized on a good sale there. Rich, the boot fitter, patiently tried three different pairs of boots with Hannah. He punched space in the toes on one pair, made room in the ankle in another. Both times he decided the fit just wasn’t right. After nearly one hour, he found the fit he wanted with the third pair of boots.I was so impressed with his effort that I asked him if he had any boots from the sale section that would fit me. He came out with a Head boot from a couple of seasons ago. It was, as the saying goes, a match made in heaven. The fit was great, both for my boot and my pocketbook.

Head is an Austrian company that’s been around since 1950. The firm has gained attention this year because U.S. racer Bode Miller switched to Head equipment.Information at Head’s website said the S-line of boot is for “strong skiers who demand precise performance from their boots every day in every snow.” I’m not sure I’m all that strong a skier, but even I can tell the performance of these boots is superb. Their comfort on groomers doesn’t disappear on the steeps or in the deep powder.One review of the S80 on the Internet lauded it for its perfect bend of function, fit and flex. I wouldn’t argue with that. Then it went on to discuss all sorts of technical advantages of the boot.

It’s Greek to me. I just know my feet remain happy throughout the ski day.Scott Condon’s e-mail address is


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