All entrants win, then lose contest at Aspen Club |

All entrants win, then lose contest at Aspen Club

ASPEN – A text-messaging contest in which one person was to win a free year membership at the Aspen Club went awry Friday when a staffer there mistakenly informed all 190 contestants that they had won.

A marketing assistant meant to send a congratulatory text message to the sole winner but she inadvertently sent it to all who had entered the contest. The text message said that they were the winner and to call the club by 3 p.m. Friday to redeem the prize.

“The phones lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Aspen Club owner Michael Fox, adding that not everyone was understanding when they were informed that it was a mistake.

Within minutes, the marketing assistant realized what she had done and sent a second text informing everyone that it was a mistake. But when the reaction turned to anger from some individuals, the Aspen Club decided to make it right by sending a third text offering contestants a free week membership good through March. Members who’ve already paid will receive five guest passes.

“It sucks for those people who thought they won even if it was for 10 minutes,” said the staffer who was responsible for the glitch. “That was the worst part.”

Fox said the Aspen Club apologizes for the error.

“We got a lot of people’s hopes up,” he said.

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