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‘All deputies shall take mescaline’

Dear Editor:I lived in Aspen from 1969-72. Hunter Thompson ran for sheriff during that time. I wish I had saved one of his campaign handouts, but I am pretty sure I remember that point eight of his “Ten Point Program” was “All Deputies Shall Take Mescaline.” The assumption, of course, was that the sheriff himself would be taking acid.Somebody should dig up a copy of that handout and publish it. It was as creative and as much an assault on conventional thinking and as funny as the best stuff in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”It was just a single-sided 8-1/2-by-11 inch page that was hand typed, I am sure by Hunter himself, and then run off on a mimeograph, which was the technology of the time. So that is what you would be looking for if somebody tried to find one. I just remember somebody handing them out in the park and all of us laughing and having a great time with it while hanging out between scrimmages of the Gentlemen of Aspen. It could have been Hunter, I am not sure. I just remember somebody saying that it was “the guy who wrote that ‘Hell’s Angels’ book.” Paul FretheimIndependence, Calif.

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