All day, all night racing at Sunlight |

All day, all night racing at Sunlight

Tim Mutrie

Endurance racing of the around-the-clock variety will take on a new twist next winter with the first 24 Hours of Sunlight.The brainchild of Aspen ski mountaineer Mike Marolt, the 24 Hours of Sunlight will test racers’ uphilling and downhilling capabilities from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m., Feb. 11-12, 2006.Similar to the now defunct 24 Hours of Aspen, where endurance skiers from around the world raced down Aspen Mountain for an entire day, this event will be all about the number of laps racers, competing in teams, complete. But the 24 Hours of Sunlight – at Sunlight Mountain Resort, above Glenwood Springs – places more of a premium on uphilling prowess because racers must climb the slope and then descend it (on skis, snowboard or snowshoes) in order to tally a lap.Sponsored by Sunlight Mountain Resort and the Heuga Center, the event is open to racers of all ages and abilities. The event will benefit the Heuga Center, an Edwards-based nonprofit promoting multiple sclerosis causes. It will also feature a gala at the Hotel Colorado and as-yet-to-be-announced live music at Sunlight during the event.Several noted ski mountaineers, including Andrew McLean, Greg Hill and Lou Dawson, are expected to participate, according to a written statement about the event.”You don’t have to be an extreme athlete or train all year,” Mike Marolt said in the statement, “you just have to grab a bunch of your more adventurous friends and go for it. What a great way to spend the weekend.””We are stoked that this event will be at Sunlight and thank the organizers for choosing our venue,” said Tom Jankovsky, the general manager of Sunlight. “This will be a great way to showcase our mountain and the vibrant community of Glenwood Springs to the outdoor adventure enthusiasts.””We will be announcing the bands and a complete schedule of events soon,” Jankovsky added.The event will be held on the cusp on a full moon, meaning the moon should provide a natural beacon to keep racers on track all night. In lieu of moonlight, headlamps must suffice.Registration for the event doesn’t open until Aug. 1. For more information, check out Mutrie’s e-mail address is


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