All-American xenophobia |

All-American xenophobia

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Emzy Veazy III’s July 31 letter to the editor, “Obama a Manchurian puppet.”

As an Asian-American who became a naturalized citizen of this country many decades ago, I resent his remark about Obama’s gene pool lacking the authentic African-American blood and that he should not call himself an African -American. Then what shall Mr. Obama call himself?

There are no racial designations other than those that a person assumes. He purports that Obama lacks the proper body language and speech to demonstrate his genuine allegiance to this nation. Unless there is a scientific method that can actually test and evaluate one’s American-ness and a person’s true patriotism, he has no right to judge Mr. Obama’s fitness to serve this nation, as well as his right to call himself whatever he sees fit.

The letter written disparaging Mr. Obama purely on his blood heritage is just more proof that xenophobia remains rampant in this country. The letter writer also said that Obama is “not one of us.” The notion of “one of us” is utterly absurd and unacceptable racial politics. Speak to the issue of politics, not perceived or highly subjective definitions of what American means. Doesn’t being born in this country, reared, educated and dedicating himself to politics to fight for a better society qualify Mr. Obama to be one of us?

Mr. Obama, as well as the rest of us people who lack the proper gene pool, has an uphill battle. I hope my children, who were born in this country of one of us (my American-born husband) and one of them (me, the immigrant), will grow up not feeling this divide and can feel a sense of belonging which all of us have the right to possess.

Yuni Aaron

Aspen and Ann Arbor, Mich.

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