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All-access pass?

Dear Editor:

I would like to bring to light the policy of the county assessor to enter our homes without permission to gather photographic evidence.

Last week, we had an open house for the sole purpose of allowing buyers and sellers to enter our home. As my wife was leaving, our agent let in a person. This person then told my wife that she was from the county assessor’s office, doing an update, but never showed any ID. This person then started taking photos of the inside of our home without permission. We had no idea how many photos or what they will be used for. When I arrived home from work that evening and was told that a person from a government office was in my home taking photos, I was shocked and outraged. I talked to my agent that evening and was told that this has been going on for quite some time. If my wife had not been home, we would not have known that this action had been taken. No card or documentation was left that a government official had visited our home, much less had taken photos.

These actions taken by this government office seem to me to be just wrong. They came into my home without notification and performed a search and took photos for evidence that would be used against me (by their own admission) if we went to court. If my history serves me right, we fought the English over actions like this. The sanctity and security of my home was violated by my government. Thank God, I live in America, home of the free!

This policy must change. It is unknown how many homes have photographs taken without permission. If you have shown your home or bought a home over the past few years, the county assessor probably has photos or evidence that could be used against you if you go to court. I understand that the assessor’s office has a tough job, and it’s not hard to get on peoples’ bad side much less in their homes, but there must be a better way.

I have talked to the assessor, and all of the photos will be deleted and a letter stating so will be sent to me. Thank you very much, Mr. Isaac, for your understanding of my concerns and your cooperation in this matter.

Ted Bennett


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