Alison Berkley: Getting used to Xtra madness |

Alison Berkley: Getting used to Xtra madness

Now that we’re in this X Games thing for the long haul, we better get used to this wild, adrenaline-filled, made-for-TV circus and everything that comes with it. It wouldn’t be the X Games without:

Call it a calculated risk, or call it insanity. Whatever possessed Brian Deegan to push the envelope of what’s possible on a motorcycle landed him in the hospital with a broken femur and two broken wrists.

The 28-year-old freestyle motocross rider from Temecula, Calif., paid the price for attempting what he called a “Malitia Flip,” a flip with a 360-degree spin. He lost his bike midspin and free fell a good 40 feet into the cold, hard reality that he’s not gonna pull it off, at least not this year.

Like it or not, the carnage makes for great TV, thus the need to replay the crash over and over and over in slow motion until you can almost hear his bones breaking. With all X Games athletes going big and getting inverted, be it on a snowmobile, motorcycle, snowboard or skis, stay tuned for more ER drama next year

From Salema’s fur-lined collar and Tina Dixon’s cheerleader dimples to Travis McLain’s lovely locks, you can’t help but eat these guys up in big, sugary bites.

It’s SportsCenter on Ridalin, a hyperactive young version of its traditional sports cousin. These guys (and gals) can stand and deliver all professional-like, but just love to throw down those sweet lingo-laden observations, dude. When was the last time you heard a sports commentator say stuff like: “Going big is the only option” and “This contest is going off” and “All the riders are dropping bombs?”

Like Aspen’s own McLain put it during Monday’s superpipe preliminaries: “Sometimes you get the elevator and sometimes you get the shaft.” Either way, one thing’s for sure ” you’ll never think about a pipe the same way again.

Walk around town at 2 a.m. and you’ll understand why everyone’s got those big, dark circles under their eyes. We’ve got 30,000 amped-up X Gamers in town, and all they wanna do is party, party, party.

Because your 10 best friends who only come and visit during X Games are here, you feel obligated to go out once again even though you haven’t recovered from yesterday’s hangover yet. Don’t worry, you can rest once it’s all over ” in 2007

With all these cameras and trailers and big metal stages everywhere, Aspen feels more like a giant movie set than a place that’s real or even familiar.

That was never more true than last night at FHM magazine’s “Girls of the X Games” shindig at the Caribou Club, complete with red carpet and beauty queens and pro snowboarders turned naked cover girls. Twilight zone, L.A. invasion, X Games, whatever.

Maybe after three years we’ll get used to it. Then again, not being used to it is exactly what makes it so much fun.