Alien invasion |

Alien invasion

Dear Editor:How many euphemisms are there for illegal aliens? The two front page “news” stories had at least a dozen. (I lost count.) One story was about the great economic impact Latinos have on our economy. I read somewhere that last year over 40 billion U.S. dollars migrated lemming-like south of the border.I missed the part about the “benefit” of the impact. Did any of it get taxed?Of course, there is a great benefit to the Big Business Buddies of that jug-eared idiot from Texas. A “path to legality” for the 12 million cheap laborers is at the top of their list for Santa.If we give the reward of citizenship for breaking our laws, before we secure our borders, what’s to stop another 12 million from being lured to the fattest sty we’ve turned this pigpen planet into?To secure our borders, all we have to do is cut into the business of Western Union and Wells Fargo and all the other U.S. currency transporters to the southern hemisphere.First you quit letting the corporate fox guard those illegal chickens. We’ve had such a great improvement in homeland security with the Patriot Act and all (hehehaha), we should be able to identify real, legal, loving citizens. Anyone sending money anywhere out of the country would be subject to a federal computer bank check. (And they’d catch legal Tio Jose if he sent an extra $200,000 to Tijuana.)Take the money out of illegitimacy and there’s no great rush to migrate. We are, however, up against Bush’s Big Buck Buddies, whose bribers, er, lobbyists, have way fat pockets.But, I do empathize. I emigrated from Germany in 1954. We came through Ellis Island and had our teeth orifices examined like so much livestock. And six years after World War II, we “generically labeled Nazi’s” knew prejudice and racism.Today’s societal hostility stems from ancient tribal mentality. You’re making us work harder to support your family, you’re willing to work at a fraction of what we require.And I really feel bad; hell, if I walked in your steps, I’d swim the Rio Grande until I was too old to float! Some of my best friends in the valley are Latino, but when do we say enough? And when do we start assigning blame to Those who would have immigrant battling immigrant and none but the noble Red Man call themselves “homeboys” – you folks do recall how Big Bucks decimated their culture.Basically, what I’m saying is, I wouldn’t yell too loudly about “rights,” I’m not legally entitled to. Emotions aside (which is really hard) where do we draw the line? Most of this orb’s inhabitants would love to live in our Sin City synagogue. How many million dollar homes in this valley would allow a few tents and a dozen or two Nicaraguans to stay in their backyard?At some point, we’ll have to calculate how much of our lifestyle and our families’ futures we will sacrifice for dubious altruism and capitalistic gain.Bruno KirchenwitzBasalt

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