Alcohol is No. 1 killer |

Alcohol is No. 1 killer

Dear Editor:In Friday’s paper (Dec. 30), P. Nicklin takes aim at Aspen’s lifestyle and calls to task the users and abusers of recreational drugs, as well as connecting drugs to numerous events of the past couple of years.Point taken; however, is it not alcohol that is the No. 1 recreational drug that is used and abused around here? And isn’t it more than likely that even if drugs were connected to all of the events of the past, that alcohol was even more prevalent?When discussing kids at risk, let’s not forget that they are smarter than we realize and it’s the hypocrisy they notice in adults that fuels their rebellious behavior. When adults begin to police themselves on these issues, kids will notice. Alcohol, although legal, is still the No. 1 gateway drug in the world.Mike TreckerAspen

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