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Albright more than all right

Dear Editor: My name is Kade Cheatham, and I am a seventh-grader at Basalt Middle School. Recently, my class has been going to internships.My mentor was a terrific man named Jack Albright at Albright Structural Engineering & Associates. He and his co-workers, Craig and Josh, showed me many things. One example would be that they showed me how a scale model works, and then had me build one. While I built it, I had to use an architects ruler to make sure that everything was the correct height.Not only did they teach me about architectural tools and how they work, but they also showed me that when you ask questions, you will be able to learn more knowledge then you may have expected. Throughout my whole internship, Jack and the others kept helping me even when we were down to the last minute and I had to go. Everybody in the office was very nice and was also nice to the customers when they came in.If you are going to be building a house, then I suggest that you talk to them first.Kade Cheathamseventh-and-a-half grader, Basalt Middle School