Airport explanation doesn’t fly |

Airport explanation doesn’t fly

Dear Editor:I am writing in response to the letter from Mr. Jim Elwood, which appeared in the Sept. 1 issue of The Aspen Times.The real issue here is not that the work needs to be done; we all understand and appreciate that fact. The issue is the timing. Closing the airport just prior to a major event that has taken place for the last six years is beyond comprehension. There will be hundreds of people coming into Aspen on Oct. 6 for events beginning on Oct. 7. If those people have to spend extra money in order to get to Aspen, then all of the various events will suffer, especially those with charity auctions (this year will again be for Challenge Aspen, the John Denver Memorial Peace Cloth, Windstar and adding the Aspen Camp School For The Deaf).Another concern is that, suppose the work cannot be completed in one day due to weather, lack of parts, or some other reason. What happens then Mr. Elwood? A solution to this could have been to have had all flights into Aspen on Oct. 6 diverted to either Eagle or Grand Junction, with buses provided free of charge to those affected by the closing. Or more to the point, to have had the work begin the week before, which would allow for unforeseen delays.No, Mr. Elwood, you did not present a “rationale,” but rather a lame excuse. It’s clearly obvious there was no thought given to the effect this would have on the events of that week. Mary LedfordGaithersburg, Md.


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