Airport closure unfortunate |

Airport closure unfortunate

Dear Editor:I have heard and read about the airport closure on Oct. 6. While I realize that there is work that must be done, I am flabbergasted to read that the airport manager has data that places this particular week as the slowest week, and that particular day as the slowest day in terms of airport traffic. With estimates of more than a thousand people traveling to Aspen that week from all over the world for the John Denver music gathering – many who come in on Wednesday, Oct. 6, and Thursday, Oct. 7 – I am surprised that it shows up as a “slow week.” I can’t imagine that the majority are driving into Aspen, when we are all on such short vacation schedules due to work.We are worried, too, that the work at the airport will not be completed on the 6th, due to Mother Nature, missing parts or other such flukes. I fly in on the 7th, as do many others. Is the manager willing to risk more flights being canceled and more unhappy customers if the work doesn’t get done on time? It seems a little tight to me.Did they even check with the local tourist board to see what big events were going on that week in Aspen? This will be the seventh year we have held this gathering. It is one we look forward to enormously, meeting with our friends from the all over the United States and other countries. Aspen has always been a good host and we love to be there. This airport closure has really put a damper on many people’s plans, though, and has involved rescheduling flights, work schedules and vacations, and booking new hotel reservations. It’s unfortunate.Aileen BlomgrenNormal, Ill.