Airbrushing the truth |

Airbrushing the truth

Dear Editor:

An Italian Catholic bishop now says that the Jews are cunningly behind the current outrage of the Catholic Church’s mass raping of children by its worldwide agents, calling it a “Zionist Attack.” (Ref. The Huffington Post)

Comes now the always-moving-target Catholic Church saying its massive criminal depravities are caused by homosexuals and diabolically exploited by the media, never mind that the media have been giving these slime balls a pass that no other ongoing criminal enterprise (e.g., La Cosa Nostra) would ever get, and that most child rapists are heterosexuals.

But, of course, the Church has been villainously raging against gay men and women since it looked into the mirror and couldn’t stand what is saw, and consciously decided to project its sociopathic ways onto others.

And, please, enough of the “it’s just a few bad apples” apology, just another attempt by the church to airbrush out the reality of its massive immoral criminal conspiracy. The Catholic Church is corrupt from top to bottom, including most of the priests, bishops, cardinals, and including the current pope and past popes.

By the way, when will the pastor of Aspen’s St. Mary’s church come out on his knees, with open hands clasped and pointing to the heavens, and publicly issue an unequivocal mea maxima culp, divorcing the local church from the greater criminal Roman Catholic Church?

Double by-the-way: Never, ever give one cent to the so-called Catholic Charities; it’s just a cynical arm of the most fascist criminal transnational corporation in the world.

Et cum spiritu tuo!

Mike McGarry


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