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AHS principal will be missed

Dear Editor:

We are writing this letter to express our sorrow at hearing the news that Art Abelmann is no longer the principal at Aspen High School. It was with shock and great disappointment that our family learned of his sudden departure. We found him to be an intelligent, innovative and thoughtful leader.

During Art’s 18 months as principal, he consistently made decisions that were in the best interests of his students. He always encouraged academic growth and success but never at the expense of their social and emotional well being. He genuinely cared about the students and earned their love and respect.

Art was a breath of fresh air with his willingness to take the time to listen to parents and students needs. He was not afraid to ask questions and initiate changes that he believed would ultimately benefit the kids. Our family is going to miss him and his inspiring ideas for creating an educational environment where students felt supported and motivated to work hard and pursue their dreams.

Michele and Jim Cardamone