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Aging festival

While reviewing the lineup for this weekend’s “Jazz” fest, I was struck by the fact that three of the four headliners are over 60 years old ? Dylan, Willie and Phil Lesh.

Perhaps that explains why JAS is offering a 10 percent discount for AARP members. It also explains the fact that Depends is now a major sponsor along with Janus.

In the spirit of brainstorming, here are a couple more big ideas for JAS consideration.

Maybe instead of that empty and depressing fenced area for big donors, the area could be reserved for people who were at Woodstock and still remember it … or at least can prove they were there. A liver transplant could be performed during the festival in the Cadillac tent for some lucky senior party animal.

Or perhaps the VIP area could be a “twist and mashed potato zone” so that us oldsters could try the old dances one more time. In order to protect any younger people in attendance from the horrifying sight, the area could be screened from the main crowd. If so, an oxygen bar would need to replace the martini bar.

A final big idea would be a Dylan, Lesh or Willie look-alike contest. The winner gets a free pass to the festival and our respect for having ridden many a hard mile. They would also be allowed backstage to party with the old-boys and a case of Depends.

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Not sure if there is still time to implement all of these, but the JAS crew seems to work best under fire. Hats off to JAS for another fine lineup; I personally preferred last year’s lineup of young and exciting acts such as Ozumatli but this is another excellent lineup.

Thanks to everyone who makes it happen.

Bob Schultz


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