Age wasn’t just a number |

Age wasn’t just a number

Dear Editor:

On Friday, March 14, I was going to go see Reel Big Fish (one of my favorite bands) at the Belly Up. When I bought my ticket I was told I would be allowed into the show (this was an advanced purchase). Upon getting there I was told I wouldn’t be allowed into the show because I was under the age of 16. I found this hard to believe because of the numerous times I was allowed in the past.

I think the Belly Up Aspen is a very untrusting place, not under good management, and is run with poor ownership. They should rethink their age policy, as well as the way they do business in general. They must figure out a way to better communicate with the youth of this town in regards to this rule, for they make up a large portion of the customers that attend the concerts there. I am very disappointed and ashamed of this business being in our town.

Danny Walbert