After-school help not out of reach |

After-school help not out of reach

Dear Editor:

We are juniors at Basalt High School, and a problem has come to our attention in the school’s after-school program, REACH. REACH is supposed to be a time for students to work on homework, ask teachers questions about concepts they don’t understand, and get caught up after days they have missed. Unfortunately, this helpful program has turned into a hindrance. Students are seen roaming the halls, chatting with friends instead of spending their time wisely. Also, students are prone to ditch, and then ditch the detention they receive.

Our mission is to improve REACH to ensure that students benefit from the program. We propose moving REACH from after school to a different time that is more suitable for students’ learning. With the current program, students can easily ditch REACH when it is after school, and would rather do their homework later than stay at school to finish it.

We propose a policy that could improve REACH’s success. REACH would be in between first and second periods and last for 30 minutes. All students would be required to attend and would be split randomly into classrooms. If a student needed to change classrooms, they would have to get a note from the teacher they are going to see. In addition, students with high GPAs would have the chance to receive school credit if they tutored students during REACH.

The most important objective for the school board and school administrators is to encourage and push students to “reach” their full potential. It is also imperative for students to take advantage of opportunities to further their learning. If REACH is turning into a problem, it is up to students and teachers alike to fix it.

Jessie Anderson and Maggie Fitzpatrick

students, Basalt High School

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