Affordable but effective boots by Columbia |

Affordable but effective boots by Columbia

It was time to replace my old, worn boots. Usually I do a little research in order to pick a good pair, but since I was busy with other things and down in Denver, I just hit a few stores to see what I could find.

At Sports Authority I saw a few Columbia hiking shoes and boots that I liked and tried them. The Dillon Ridge hiking boots fit nicely and were a steal on sale for $80. So I bought them.

Most people buy nice shoes for work. As a mountain-town news photographer, I need shoes that can go from a City Council meeting to a dusty trail in the same day. So good hiking boots are my normal footwear.

The Dillon Ridge hikers worked well. They were tough, with both a toe cap and heel protectors. Besides just looking good, they are comfortable whether I am plunking away at the computer or hiking around the fields of Ashcroft.

But the best feature became apparent when I found myself walking through water and mud. My boots proved to be waterproof up past the ankle. Especially good for me, because I don’t like to worry about where I walk. (And I hadn’t even given them a waterproof coating!)

The sole of this boot is well-cushioned and grips well on wet surfaces. The footbed is solid yet comfortable. The uppers of the boot are rugged and broke in easily, making the boot almost trail-ready straight from the box. The tongue is sewn into the uppers providing full-boot waterproofing. They definitely are comfortable around the ankles and easy to lace up ” no fancy eyes to fumble with.

A good buy overall. Sometimes you get lucky.

I have yet to give these Columbias a real hiking test, but that’s coming soon.

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