Advice for the Ski Grinch |

Advice for the Ski Grinch

Dear Editor:It is comforting to know that some things never change. As always, the snow returns to mountains, skiers and riders head for the slopes and Aspen’s resident “Ski Grinch,” Allyn Harvey, crawls out from his cave.I would like to take a moment to respond to Allyn’s column in Monday’s Aspen Times about the opening of Aspen Highlands, and I would like to do this not as Skico spokesperson or snow reporter, but as someone who just loves to ski.I know Allyn. I actually like Allyn. But I think he was way out of line this time. First and foremost, his assertion that Highlands is “perpetually understaffed and underfunded” is not only inaccurate but an insult to the hundreds of hardworking individuals who work there. The staffing level at Highlands is no different than at any other mountain. As for funding, in the last decade, Highlands has received more funding than any of the other mountains. Highland Bowl. All new lifts. And soon, Deep Temerity. Frankly, I think Allyn owes an apology to the staff of Aspen Highlands.Next, I skied Aspen Highlands all day Saturday. I skied with three or four different gangs. We skied Snyder’s. Several times. And we had fun on every run. Not only that, but of the other thousand skiers and riders I saw that day, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. There was excitement. There was energy. People were just plain having fun. Sure, the skiing was challenging in places. As Patrol Director Mac Smith said, “it’s adult skiing.” But that’s to be expected in the early season. Everyone else there expected it. Just not Allyn. My advice to Allyn: Get to sleep earlier. Have a good breakfast – you know it is the most important meal of the day. Snack throughout the day so your blood sugar doesn’t drop and make you grouchy. And smile. It’s contagious.We have a long season ahead. And, by all accounts, it’s going to be a banner year. Let’s celebrate what we have here and not bash it. Honest reporting does not mean negative reporting. Don’t make your personal “bad day” everyone else’s bad day. And one last piece of advice, Allyn: Take a lesson from one of your sisters. I’m sure they would have had no problems ripping Snyder’s on Saturday.Jeff HanleAspen