Admit mistakes and learn |

Admit mistakes and learn

Dear Editor:I’m relaxing in the backyard, as I so often do, sipping some lemonade, indulging, listening to the neighborhood and enjoying some UB40. Life is good. My mind is clear … and then this:Does anyone else remember when President Bush took his request of invading Iraq to the United Nations? I remember the U.N. delegates vehemently opposing such an action. Remember when President Bush made known his plans to pursue the avenue of invasion? The U.N. strongly urged him not to do so. And when President Bush did indeed invade Iraq, against the United Nations’ (a coalition of women and men brought together for the sole intent of attempting to discern what is best for the world as a whole) advice, do you remember him saying, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”? Does anyone else remember these events?Let me assure you, I understand that if not for the brave men and women serving in the armed forces, or for the ultimate sacrifices made by those for whom words could not be worthy enough to show gratitude, I wouldn’t be sipping my lemonade so freely. Thank you, and bless you all. Today is not, nor is it ever, about that. Today is about remembering our mistakes of the past so we can change our future, today.Rationality mandates we do not simply just pull out, as some would have us do. Fact is, we’re in it – way up over our noses – and a unilateral withdrawal would most likely be devastating to the Middle East and quite possibly catastrophic to the people of Iraq.However, is it possible for the president to go before the U.N. delegates and admit to mistakes? To ask for the U.N.’s assistance in finding a peaceable solution? Do our current leaders have the ability to make their decisions based on some sort of “moral code of ethical practices?” Of course they do. The ability to make moral and ethical decisions is one of the many traits that has enabled us to dominate as a species.So can these persons elected to the highest of offices be humble enough and strong enough leaders to admit poor choices were made? Yes … will they? Truth is, nothing as great as that shift in consciousness can happen overnight. Truth is, only time will tell.We, as a species, are smack dab in the middle of a moment in human history where the choices we make over the next 10 to 20 years will either see us moving in a different direction, or quite possibly sealing the fate of our extinction. Nothing started in 10 years will due us any good in 10 years. That’s DUE … not DO. History dictates we will get our due in 10 years, based upon what we do today. Remember?Steven KingCarbondale

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