Admiration for firefighters |

Admiration for firefighters

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to the AVFD.) I live in the Aspen Country Inn and was one of those evacuated (last) Sunday night. This was the first time I have been in need of AVFD and I am writing to say thank you.I imagine you individually decided to become firefighters for numerous reasons. Perhaps the thrill of the game, the desire to serve and the physical and psychological challenges.I wonder if any of you, like me, didn’t realize that part of the job, equally important in the victims’ eyes, is the ability to care for and tend to all sorts of personalities – personalities under stress, often tired, emotional and in need of kind words. My admiration and praise goes out to each of you. Thank you for treating these residents as you would your parents (although some of us are young enough to be your siblings).You fulfilled the life and death part of your job with skill and courage, but still managed, at 5 in the morning, to be kind, patient and understanding.I walked past the fire station with a surge of love and pride yesterday. Normally, I’m thinking about what to order from Zelé Café.Helen RobertsAspen

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