Adios Dr. Gonzo |

Adios Dr. Gonzo

Dear Editor:Some would say Hunter S. Thompson was a pivotal and massive definer of the baby boom generation and – unlike the rest of us – never gave up the fight. Others might say he nailed our generation at a critical time but never moved on and decayed into self-destruction. Both are probably true. But there was little choice for Hunter. You couldn’t stop being Hunter Thompson.A brilliant, deadly honest original, he was an especially wonderful antidote for these politically correct times. The man didn’t f— around.The earth’s rotation will surely slow down now. And I fear that is a bad thing. While we wait to see, raise a very, very large glass of Wild Turkey to Raoul Duke. The Duke of Real. With any luck, you’ll throw up in a close friend’s shoes.Chris GorogLos Angeles, Calif.

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