Address flatulence with cleaner gas |

Address flatulence with cleaner gas

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:I read where Aspen has been tagged as having twice the national average for greenhouse gas emissions – truly a shame.While the bulk of the blame falls on all the jets we have coming into town, we need to acknowledge that a significant portion of it rests on our vehicular traffic, something we can readily address. Some of the problem is simply misguided highway planning that promotes traffic snags, leaving cars backed up, idling at lights, slowly inching their way into and out of town.I think that as far as cars go, the real problem is what we are fueling them with. If more of those cars were fueled with cleaner burning ethanol or true, 100 percent biodiesel, it would go a long way in cleaning up our environment.Perhaps our local governments could lead the way by mandating that all fleet vehicles are flexible fuel types compatible with the new E85 blend fuel (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline) and begin using it. Maybe they could encourage local fueling stations with tax incentives to have E85 pumps available, so locals could have a chance to do the right thing, too. Most folks really want to, and will, if given an honest choice. Denver already has at least 10 E85 fueling stations that I know of.I’m encouraging our politicians to cut through the bureaucratic red tape so people can purchase conversion kits for existing cars and start using biofuels. The current regulations are onerous and cost prohibitive for the average citizen, but the main holdup to biofuel use seems to be availability. I challenge our leaders to lead by example and start putting our money where their mouths are. By getting serious about switching to biofuels, we’ll go a long way towards cleaning up our air. We can be on the forefront of this, folks, and that would be nothing to be ashamed of.Bob KeenanCarbondale