Adding insult to injury |

Adding insult to injury

Dear Editor:

In reference to the “million dollar question” of the parking meters, it seems to me, if the city already has plans to use the reported technology of recording license plates to eliminate the perceived problem of the “two-hour shuffle,” there is no reason to spend the exorbitant amount to expand into the neighborhoods with the installation of more meters.

Use the electronic record to “fix the problem” in the two-hour zones, and leave the core footprint as is for paid parking! Additionally, increasing the cost of the meters from $1 to $2 per hour for the first couple of hours is a 100 percent increase, and, likewise, raising the $5 per day to $7 per day on the outskirts. Seems out of line from what the city says they are trying to accomplish (fixing the two-hour shuffle). Locals and tourists alike should have the option to take advantage of the free two-hour zones, or pay a reasonable amount at the existing meters to have lunch or run errands in town.

Installing new meters into the neighborhoods would not only be unsightly, it is fiscally irresponsible to spend an unjustifiable amount, when you have a solution at hand (the electronic record) to correct any two-hour zone shuffle.

The proposed changes would only add insult to injury to those who need or choose to drive for whatever reason or occupation as they already sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic day in and day out (that’s another whole can of worms!), while many of these hardworking folks do not wish or cannot afford to live in Aspen, but they are what make this town tick!

Susan Capiel/Collin