Adding insult to injury |

Adding insult to injury

Dear Editor:

Since my wife and I were the first people on the scene of the crash Jan. 6 involving the young man and his father, and since we were directly behind their car and the bus that hit them, it was particularly disappointing for me to read that the young man was ticketed for excessive speed and lacking the experience to drive on icy roads (“Two injured when car slides into bus near Aspen,” Feb. 8, The Aspen Times).

Particularly since I told Trooper Barritt that the young man was not speeding, it is all the more distressing to see that he was cited. How is a young driver supposed to gain experience if not by driving? This boy was extremely apologetic for what happened. He was courteous to everyone involved. The roads were horrible. It was an accident, and sometimes that’s all it is.

He fractured his pelvis, and the trooper now wants him to have points on his record for an accident? Ridiculous.

Steven C. Litz

Monrovia, Ind.

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