Addicted to meat, oil and the S-curves |

Addicted to meat, oil and the S-curves

Dear Editor:

The city has presented us with its draft for the new Aspen community plan.

It includes an “aggressive” goal to reduce the carbon footprint. On the same day, in the Daily News, there was a column stating that “if you eat meat you’re not an environmentalist.” It stated that “factory farming is the largest contributor to global warming.”

I am a vegetarian, but do you think that all of you who profess to be conservationists and who profess to be concerned about global warming are going to stop eating meat? Not! Even though it is scientifically known that not eating meat would be one of the biggest contributions we could all make to conserve our environment, with the added benefit of improving our health and ending untold suffering.

Your unwillingness to give up meat is similar to the city’s unwillingness to institute the one action that would make the most impact on the daily carbon footprint in Aspen; that is, to get rid of the S-curves. It is unbelievable, disgusting and embarrassing to have a several-mile-long traffic jam every morning and evening with cars belching out fumes and wasting large amounts of gas as cars idle, not to speak of the eyesore.

It seems we all like to talk about doing the right thing for the environment and maybe recycle a few cans to make ourselves feel good. The reality is that we are not willing to institute the changes that really make a difference because of our attachment to meat, S-curves and oil wells. For the most part, our efforts to conserve our planet and Aspen are mental constructs. We do lots of talking and thinking, but very little significant action. But it soothes us to think we are somehow making a difference when in fact we are, as individuals and a species, playing in the band while the ship goes down.

Mary Wallace


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